Нужна ли вам виза для поездки в Южная Африка?

Требуется виза

Виза не требуется

Нужна Ли Вам Виза Для Посещения Южная Африка? Проверьте Сейчас !

Виды Виз

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for South Africa

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for South Africa

South Africa Short-stay Visa (Visitors’ Visas)

South Africa Tourist Visa

South Africa Business Visa

South Africa Visiting Family and Friends Visa

South Africa Sports Visa

South Africa Study (up to 90 days) Visa

South Africa Medical Visa

South Africa Transit Visa

South Africa Transit Visa

South Africa National (Long-stay) Visa

South Africa Study (National) Visa

South Africa Work (National) Visa

South Africa Work (Critical Skills) Visa

South Africa Intra Company Transfer Work Visa

South Africa Family Reunion Visa

South Africa Investor Visa

South Africa Retired Person Visa

South Africa Permanent Residence Permit

South Africa Permanent Residence Permit


Вопросы и Ответы


Can someone else apply for a South Africa visa on my behalf?

Generally, personal submission is mandatory. However, in some cases, individuals are not required to present documents in person.


Can South African Embassy/Consulate request me to provide additional documents or information?

South African Embassy/Consulate may ask for additional documents during the evaluation of the application


Can the purpose of the visitor’s visa be changed into another type of visa in South Africa?

No. Immigration Act doesn’t allow to change the visitor’s visa purpose in South Africa except in exceptional cases.


Do I get my fee refunded in case of my South Africa visa refusal?

No. Visa fee payment is non-refundable. It will not be refunded if you get a rejection for your South Africa visa application


I have a visa, will I be authorized to enter South Africa?

Not surely. There is no guarantee that you will be allowed to enter and stay in the country. The South African airline officials determine the entry at the port of entry, and your passport will be stamped upon approval.


Can my South Africa visa application be refused?

In some circumstances, a visa may be denied. Common reasons are fraud or misrepresentation, disrespect for the visa adjudicator or for South Africa, criminal record, security risk, lack of strong ties to the country of residence, intention to reside or work in South Africa when not authorized, lack of a legitimate reason for traveling, not having travel arrangements or health/travel insurance, applying on excessively short notice, previous rejection of a visa application and prior immigration violations, among others. If your visa is rejected, the processing fee will not be refunded.


Once I have been granted a visa, what types of activities can I get involved in while in South Africa?

It is important to note that your visa allows you to stay in South Africa exclusively for the specific purpose for which it was issued. For instance, you are not allowed to work if you have been granted a tourist or student visa. Always clearly state the purpose of your trip when applying for a visa.


What is the local currency of South Africa?

South African Rand (ZAR) is the local currency in South Africa. 100 USD equals approximately 1516 Rand (ZAR).


Can I appeal against visa rejection decision?

Yes. An applicant can appeal against the decision by filling and submitting it to the Director-General in South Africa.

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